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Delila’s school raises money every year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  They send home a little box, and you are suppose to put your change in it and send it back to the school.  They tell the kids about the children with different blood cancers that they will help with their donations.  Delila got motivated and wanted to do more to help.  She worked all morning on Super Bowl Sunday, and made a box, hearts, and valentines.  Then she came to me and asked me to take her to stand outside the grocery store and sell her hearts and valentines to make more money to give(she is very sweet and very creative).  I couldn’t stand the thought of watching her get repeatedly rejected, so I couldn’t honor her request.  However, all her intentions and ideas were so  sweet and pure, I wanted to help her.  I told her about go-fund-me and showed her how it works.  She immediately got really excited and created a giant heart, named it the “love wall”.  We started a campaign so when anyone donates, she writes their name on a heart and posts it on the wall and we update the wall almost every day so people can see their heart up.  Our friends and family have been very supportive and she has raised over $1200!! We have it up on Facebook etc.  Somehow, the local news got wind of it, and they came and did a story on her and aired it Sunday and Monday.  I have continued to try to spread the word and let her see how many people are giving and willing to support her and great organizations when she gets involved and puts herself out there.

As I said, I would never ask you to donate, but in an effort to reach as many people as we can with this, I told her she should have told you about what she was doing, so maybe you and the folks in your office would share her story and that it might reach more people and maybe they would be moved to donate.  So, she mustered I think about all her courage and went back in and asked for your email.  I told her if she did that part, I would compose and email to you.

Thanks so much for your time and for being so great with Delila, Monica, and me.

I am attaching the link to her page in case you guys can share it:

 Delila Click here to support Hearts for Blood Cancer by Jim Flint


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