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Migraine management device: The NTI


Clenching and grinding (Bruxism) are some common reasons for headaches. Approximately 29 million Americans suffer from migraines. The FDA states that 82% of migraine headaches are due to Bruxism.

Grinding and Clenching are very common and can cause many things:

-Headaches: temporal, eyes, back of the neck and even shoulder pain can be caused by tension of the jaw. Stress and lack of sleep can worsen these problems.

-Temporal Mandibular Jaw Joint (TMJ): can cause difficulty chewing or limited jaw opening, you may hear your jaw joint click pop or even get stuck.

-Sore jaw muscles or even throat soreness can also be caused by clenching.

-Front teeth get shorter rougher or keep chipping. Back teeth sometimes crack.

– Most people are unaware that they clench or grind their teeth.

Bruxism can be the cause of many problems.Sandia Heights Dental Care offers an FDA approved appliance for the management of migraine headaches: the NTI night guard.

The NTI is a small medical grade acrilic appliance worn at night on the front teeth. This allows complete movement of the lower jaw from side to side and front to back. It not only allows the jaw to be in its most comfortable position but also keeps the teeth from maximum force.

If you are wondering how it works try this: put your fingers on the muscles on the side of your head at your temples. Take a wooden pencil and put it between your front teeth and bite. Your muscles are barely flexing. Now try biting on the pencil with your molars and the force is much greater.

If you suffer from any headaches, TMJ teeth chipping or cracking, CONTACT US to schedule a consultation appointment. Dr. Monique Lee can help you figure out if the NTI is right for you.

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